Executive/HMIS Governance Committee


The Executive Committee is responsible for the general supervision of the affairs of the Homeless Leadership Board between meetings of the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors as necessary.

  • The Executive Committee acts as the Audit Committee of the HLB and provides financial reports to the Board of Directors.

  • The Executive Committee serves as the CoC Review and Rank Committee.

  • The Executive Committee serves as the HMIS Governance Committee and reviews and ratifies the decisions of the Data and System Performance Committee, as established in the HMIS Charter. 


Amy Foster, Chair

Sean King, Vice Chair


April Lott, Providers Council Chair

Duggan Cooley, Funders Council Chair

Donna Holck, Elected Vice Chair

Melissa Baird, Secretary

Debbie Johnson, Treasurer

+ Meeting Agendas 2019

3/18/19 - Agenda

2/11/19 - Agenda

1/14/19 - Agenda

+ Meeting Agendas 2018

12/17/18 - Canceled

11/19/18 - Canceled

10/15/18 - Agenda

9/17/18 - Agenda

8/20/18 - Cancelled (NOFA)

7/16/18 - Agenda

6/25/18 - Agenda

5/21/18 - Agenda

4/16/18 - Agenda

3/19/18 - Combined Executive/HMIS/System Redesign Committees Agenda

2/19/18 - Agenda

1/25/18 - SRD SRD Implementation Plan Update

1/22/18 - Agenda